AveMed.lv   is the online store distributing products from Latvian pharmaceutical manufacturers: Lotos Pharma Ltd., Solepharm Ltd, Larifans Ltd.

All products offered in www.avemed.lv are produced from the highest quality, certified ingredients with the highest amount of active compounds in them, thus ensuring the effectiveness of the products and suitability for every person in any age group, and their various needs.

Lotos Pharma and  Solepharm products contain herbal extracts, vitamins and trace elements that have proven their effectiveness in clinical trials and daily practice. The main directions of these 2 companies are the development and production of high quality and innovative products based on new technologies and the highest standards. The ingredients in the products are 100% natural and do not contain artificial colors, flavor enhancers, artificial preservatives or other unsuitable ingredients.
Larifans  manufactures antiviral and immunomodulatory products, with the range of action from strengthening local immunity to general stabilization of the immune system. These products can be used to help to prevent getting sick by strengthening the immune system (in daily life), and to help to cure illnesses caused by viruses. Larifan is a BIO product of a natural origin, obtained from bacteria by the use of biotechnology.

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