About Us


Lotos Pharma has been one of the most rapidly growing pharmaceutical companies in Latvia since it was founded in 2013.

With the development of production there was opened a new production unit in Marupe in 2018. The unit meets world-recognized standards and it is confirmed by the Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate (Codex GMP — Codex Good Manufacturing Practice).

Every year the company makes significant investments to improve the company's operations, introduce new technologies and ensure that our products meet the highest standards. As a result of these activities in May 2020 the company obtained the ISO 22000 quality certificate, which is an important step in the domestic market, as well as provides advantages in export markets.

Expanding the company's operations, in 2018 Lotos Pharma joined forces with Larifans, a local pharmaceutical company, to provide consumers with developed in Latvia BIO products containing a patented component dsRNA Larifan of natural origin, which adds value to the product.



To inspire society to maintain a healthy lifestyle and well-being by creating natural products for everyone's health and well-being.


To be a leader in development and production of natural products contributing to the health of our society.

* A healthy society living following the principles of a healthy lifestyle and taking preventive care of its health.


Lotos Pharma's success is closely linked to our attitude towards the customer, traditions and innovation as a creative process, as well as to operating in accordance with the company's values and reputation. Lotos Pharma's values are woven into every fibre of the company, these values result in every our thought, idea, decision and action.


Lotos Pharma’s brand values include

The power of nature

Our enthusiasm and belief in the power of nature and its impact on human health inspires us to excel in everything we do.


In every communication we are open to collaboration to build a united and healthy society.


We comply with justice, respect and compassion for both the client and society, and for each other. In every situation in life, at every moment.


Both as a team and individually we do not stop at the achieved and persistently continue to improve every issue and process we encounter on a daily basis.


Strong families are the foundation of a healthy society.


We use the wisdom, experience and knowledge of our team to break traditional standards and create unique, meeting excellence products.

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