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Vitamins for health and beauty

The vitality and physical health of the body play an important part in the quality of our daily lives, allowing us to feel joyful and full of energy. Taking care of your body’s shape and well-being can be manifested in a variety of ways, but the most important should be a balanced diet and physical exercise, followed by supplements for optimal weight control and cholesterol-lowering supplements and medications.

Causes of being overweight

Excess weight can develop for a variety of causes. It goes without saying that the most prevalent cause of obesity is that we consume more calories than we burn. Emotional variables (stress eating), as well as genetic factors and physiology, according to nutritionists, play a role. You should keep an eye on the body mass index because this is what determines whether a person is overweight or not. Understanding the reason is the first step toward eliminating it.

Dietary supplements for weight loss

In essence, all items that aid in weight management and effective weight loss can be classified into three broad categories. For instance, prescription drugs, dietary supplements, and herbal teas.

  • Dietary supplements. Depending on the active substance, the effect and use may be different. Most often, such weight loss preparations contain fiber (it is recommended to consume 25-35 g of fiber per day) and substances that promote weight control, such as saffron, guarana, grape seed or green tea extract, apple cider, etc.
  • Fiber such as spelt help maintain normal bowel function, improve digestion and lower blood lipids and cholesterol levels. Notably, nutritional supplements do not relieve the need for physical activity. Effective weight loss involves a combination of different lifestyle aspects.
  • In cases of PMS, it is essential to pay attention that the nutritional supplements you choose to relieve PMS symptoms contain phytohormones, vitex extract and vitamin E.
  • Teas. The composition of teas intended for weight loss mostly includes medicinal plant extracts that promote metabolism, therefore they are suitable not only for those who want to lose weight, but also for anyone who needs to improve the function of intestinal tract.


If you are wondering how to relieve PMS, what are the most effective cholesterol-lowering remedies, menopause remedies, what are the best homoeopathic remedies for lowering cholesterol, and so on, keep in mind that the foundation of everything is daily behaviours. Get rid of those that are preventing you from reducing weight. Learn about the good daily practices that must be followed in order for weight loss supplements to have the best effect possible!

  • Consistent healthy meals. Many individuals eat healthily throughout the day and do not snack, but the same restraint must be practiced on weekends and in the evenings.
  • Stress eating should be avoided during times of stress. Other rewards, such as getting a massage, going for a walk, or eating some fruit, are preferable.
  • Consume frequent meals. If you want to lose weight, it is critical to plan and follow a healthy diet while also aiming to limit snacking. If you still find it difficult to refuse, snack on vegetables or fresh or dried fruits.
  • Be aware that naturally various changes in a woman’s body affect her weight and hunger. For instance, PMS, menstrual cycle, and periods. PMS symptoms are mostly caused by fluctuations in the hormones progesterone and oestrogen. PMS symptoms include headaches, insomnia, strong mood changes, and cravings for sweet and/or salty foods, which naturally lead to weight gain.

If your health concerns persist, you should see a pharmacist or your general practitioner. If you are experiencing PMS symptoms, you should see a gynecologist who evaluate symptoms and offer adequate therapy.


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