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Soluro® Mannose

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Soluro® Mannose contains a high concentration of D-Mannose, in a dosage as mentioned in the guidelines of the European Association of Urologists, large cranberry extract, amino acids and vitamin C.

Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. D-mannose is structurally similar to uroepithelium (bladder mannosylated receptors). Soluro® Mannose is the first product in Latvia containing D-Mannose with a high concentration dose.

Soluro® Mannose can be used together with antibiotics.

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Soluro® Mannose contains:

  • D-Mannose that is a monosaccharide that can inhibits the adhesion of bacteria to the walls of the bladder and helps to flush them from the urinary system;
  • High-quality cranberries promote the elimination of bacteria from the bladder;
  • Vitamin C contributes to the normalization of urine pH;
  • L-Methionine and L-Glycine are amino acids that promote better functioning of the immune system and restore damaged mucous membranes.


Suitable for vegans. Does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO), lactose, gluten and other allergens.

Content and doses

Daily recommended dose (1 sachet)


2000 mg

Cranberry extract

300 mg


300 mg

Vitamin C

250 mg

(312,5% NRV*)


150 mg


It is recommended to use orally for women 1 sachet a day after a meal. Dissolve the content of the sachet in a glass of water or juice at room temperature.
The duration of use is 7 days, if necessary, the course can be repeated.


hypersensitivity (allergy) to any of the product’s components;

not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
not to use a nutritional supplement as a substitute for a full and balanced diet;
do not exceed the recommended daily dose; store out of sight and reach of children!
Store at room temperature in the original packaging, avoiding direct sunlight.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of mannose?
D-Mannose has a special mechanism of how it binds to bacteria (E.coli) in the bladder, because the structure of D-Mannose is very similar to the bladder walls. After oral administration of D-Mannose enters the bladder in an unmetabolized form, spreads along the bladder wall and forms a barrier of a mannose layer. Due to the similar structure, the bacterium does not distinguish D-Mannose from the bladder wall and clings to the mannose, after which the bacteria freely floats in the bladder and is excreted during urination.
Can I use more than 1 sachet a day?

Yes, studies show that D-Mannose can be safely taken 2,000 mg and more per day, but before increasing the dose, consult your doctor or pharmacist about the maximum daily dosage.

When is the best time to use Soluro® Mannose?

Start using as soon as the first symptoms occur or feel discomfort. It can be used at any time, but it is best recommended to use before going to bed, after emptying the bladder and drinking the sachet with a small amount of water.

How long should Soluro® Mannose be used for?

It is recommended to use Soluro® Mannose for no less than 7 days, but the usage can be continued for up to 3 months with 1 sachet per day. Also, after Soluro® Mannose, you can choose to use Soluro® DUO, which also contains D-Mannose and cranberries, as a preventive measure, thus further reducing the chance of cystitis recurring.

Can Soluro® Mannose be used prophylactically if there are no symptoms yet?

Yes. It can be used prophylactically in various courses:

1. 1 sachet per day after a known risk factor that can cause cystitis;
2. 7 days a month, using 1sachet per day for up to 6 months;
3. 1 sachet per day 7 days before, e.g. swimming season.

Why is Soluro® Mannose better than plain cranberries?

Although cranberries have been used for the prevention of cystitis for more than 100 years, in order to consume the same amount of cranberries per day as in 1 sachet of Soluro® Mannose, an average of 1.2 kg of cranberries per day must be eaten. The composition of Soluro® Mannose is special in that cranberries are supplemented with D-Mannose, amino acids and vitamin C, which immediately shows that the product is more effective than other monopreparations.


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